Flash Fiction: Wish Upon a Star

Setting the card and box on the desk, Diane held the key to the light. KEY TO THE CITY was stamped along its barrel. The word False was etched in bold calligraphy on its shell-and-starfish embellished head. Finding no other markings, she placed it on the desk and picked up the box.

Burn, Baby Burn. 3

announcing a book by a friend: ‘Burn, Baby, Burn: Spark the Creative Spirit Within’ by Evan Griffith. if your creative life needs a recharge, this bookito might be just the thing. pairs well with morning sunlight and a cup of coffee. thanks, Evan, for living your purpose.

an invitation

would you join us at falsekeyfanpage.com? we’d love to have you. this is your invitation to join the community: write for the setting of False Key. write for the fun of it or for the chance to be published or because you can’t help yourself. post it on the website to share it with us and your friends. it’s simple to set up a profile.

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Phattie & the Tar Ball 2

At the Peg Leg, a rum bar the cruise ship tourists did well to avoid, Candice the resident shaman locked her motley bike next to the dumpster in back, where a few parking spaces looked over an agitated bay. Once inside she was known as Snow the waitress. But out here, she was still the shaman. Her gift was communing and communicating with all creatures. Sometimes her gift was a blessing, sometimes a curse. From beyond the sea wall, dolphins shrieked and called to her. They wailed a dirge to their fallen leader, who had choked on an evil black stone that consumed her from within. And they called, as always, for justice.

Book Two: Somewhere South of Sane

Visit False Key—We love our tourists. So tasty. Looking for a fantasy getaway? Ready for some supernatural romance? In a dozen short stories and poems, escape to False Key, Florida–island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids. Some want to hook up, but beware. Watch out for predatory marine life […]