Burn, Baby Burn. 3

i received an email from a friend announcing his new book. a couple weeks later, i still haven’t replied. it got lost in the shuffle. but not only had i already heard about his book, i had already purchased it.

now, my belated email response will contain a link to this post. Thank You, Evan. this bookito (for its page count is unassuming) is full of the heartwarming exuberance for life that i have encountered in your person.

the style is endearingly gushy and vulnerable. i commend Evan Griffith for sharing so openly with his readers and getting some chuckles while he’s at it.
as importantly, Evan has lived this. his personal experience backs the principles and he does not hold back in sharing his journey. and he’s researched and read and thought. so, his text contains an orchard of pertinent references. the cred is there, mixing charmingly with personality and agape.

if your creative life needs a recharge, this bookito might be just the thing. pairs well with morning sunlight and a cup of coffee.


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