Book Two: Somewhere South of Sane

Visit False Key—We love our tourists. So tasty.

Looking for a fantasy getaway? Ready for some supernatural romance? In a dozen short stories and poems, escape to False Key, Florida–island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids. Some want to hook up, but beware. Watch out for predatory marine life on the prowl, catch up with your favorite naughty angel, a wily witch, and a fearless shaman in Book 2 of Somewhere South.

SouthOfSaneWhether you’re stopping for a cold one at the Peg Leg or catching a late show at Skinwalkers, False Key nightlife promises creepy bartenders, magic-slinging waitstaff, and gullible patrons. Why not join them?

If you like the Bourbon Street books by Deanna Chase, the Syrenka series by Amber Garr or Sutton Shields’ Merworld Water War stories, you’ll love these supernatural tales set on a mythical island in the Florida Keys from the following authors:

  • Amber Garr
  • A.P. Kelly
  • Corina Pelloni
  • Serena Schreiber
  • Sutton Shields
  • Kathleen Spalding
  • Kathryn A. Thomas
  • Mary Freeman
  • Wanda Frazier
  • Dale Simpson

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