Book One: Somewhere South of Normal

Dive into the mysterious waters around False Key, where shifty locals may either greet you or try to eat you. Or hook up with you while on two legs. Magic, witchcraft, angels and mermaids await you. Shed the humdrum mainland routine and escape to our fantasy island. A short distance from Key West, sometimes accessible by bridge, sometimes flooded by King Tide or King Crabs, you can raise a glass with locals masquerading as humans, or slip into extravagant costume for our parade. Until we find you appetizing. We do love our visitors.

SouthOfNormalSomewhere South of Normal is a collection of fantasy stories and poetry from False Key—island of dreams and nightmares, shifters and mermaids. Come and disappear. We’ll neither judge you nor promise your safety. Check your ego at the bridge. False Key is the premier tourist destination for shapeshifters, predatory marine life, and the humans they snack on.

Enjoy stories and poetry of fantasy, horror, and supernatural romance by the following authors:

  • Amber Garr
  • Serena Schreiber
  • A.P. Kelly
  • Kathryn A. Thomas
  • Sterling Stone
  • Kathleen Spalding
  • Sutton Shields
  • Corina Pelloni.
  • Mark V. McDonnell.

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