an invitation

do you write fantasy, horror, and fiction?

Typewriterwould you join us at we’d love to have you.

let me explain.
a group of experienced and aspiring writers joined forces to publish two anthologies over the last two years – and we’re gearing up for the third book of the series.

tentaclesimagine if Key West had a Key West…
the setting for all the stories is the island of False Key.
interesting things happen there.
the residents are shape-shifting marine creatures, mermaids, super-humans from other dimensions, sirens, demon watchdogs, strange humans who have elected to live among the former…
and tourists on a sliding scale of edibility.

this is an invitation to join that communityquill
and write for the setting of False Key. write for the fun of it or for the chance to be published or because you can’t help yourself. post it on the website to share it with us and your friends. it’s simple to set up a profile.

wolfHowl_larger_txtif you’re aspiring to have a short story or poem published in print, please consider entering  the contest for short fiction or poetry.
if you have something really great up your sleeve, refrain from publishing it on the website. save it for the contest instead. (entries must be anonymous and unpublished.)
the contest is sponsored by the Howl at the Moon in Stuart, Florida. if you’re a local, check it out!

to get a better idea of the context of False Key and it’s motley assortment of denizens, you might purchase one of the books. they are available on (yes, this is an affiliate link. and why not?) i also have published pieces in both books: Somewhere South Series. i am the developer and manager of this website.

i hope you decide to join me and the other False Key authors in building and populating the magical realm of False Key!
see you soon.

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