A Key to Remember 2

Join us here at the False Key, a small piece of ground,

Where mermaids and dreams and nightmares abound.


Come on down to the Peg Leg Bar, to drink, to have fun,

As well as hear stories of what lurks in the sun.


There are weird things that slither, crawl, and creep,

That may come into your hut, at night while you sleep.


Creatures transform into their true form as beast,

Take over your mind, to convince you at least,

That the humans must change the destructive ways of their minds,

Or else it will be the last of their kind.


The testing of sonar has gotten way out of hand,

It kills the sea creatures which float up to the sand.


With tournaments to kill just for the sport,

It’s a crime against nature that humans distort.


Creatures became shifters as they developed over time,

For the survival of the species as they came out of the slime.


But there also is love here in this strange little place,

Plus artists, musicians, and dancers with grace.


Human Angels protect everyone in the key,

Thus, life can go on, what will be, will be.


Amidst the Palm Trees that outline the bay

The sea slaps the shore in a gently sway.


Out of the water a siren sound creeps

Call of the mermaid, comes up from the deep.


At last the moon rises, while the sun goes down,

Thus hides all the secrets of this quaint little town.


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